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by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Once you're a Worldprofit dealer you're a member of a far-flung Internet family on which the sun never sets. These people are ready, willing, and able to help you build your website traffic and increase the value of your cyber property by making deals with you... just as you're able to do the same by making deals with them.

Increasing Traffic, Increasing The Value Of Your Cyber Property Is Critical As I have consistently stressed, anyone can have a website (that is cyber property) on the Internet. Anyone. This "real estate" is, however, valueless without TRAFFIC. Thus, TRAFFIC is the one thing you must go out of your way to increase. The more traffic you get, the more valuable your property, the more sales you make, the happier you are all round.

This is where Worldprofit comes in.

How Worldprofit Helps You

Many people think of Worldprofit only as the malls at http://www.worldprofit.com  In fact, Worldprofit is a conglomerate composed of many significant divisions. Each division can help you increase your traffic and "real estate" value.

  1. When you get any kind of domain package from Worldprofit, you are immediately linked from Worldprofit so that you profit from our unrelenting marketing, marketing that results in Worldprofit hosting over 36,000,000 hits a year.
  2. From Worldprofit's Traffic Center at http://www.trafficcenter.com  you learn about a host of traffic-generating devices.
  3. From Worldprofit, Inc., the corporation, you become a dealer and, as such, become eligible to sell all Worldprofit Internet Services and the complete line of well over 200 JLA business books and information products.

When You're A Worldprofit Dealer, Your Relationship Is With ALL The Worldprofit Dealers, Not Just Worldprofit, Inc.

When you join the traditional commission sales opportunity, your relationship is ordinarily exclusively with the company. That is, the company provides you with the product and a certain level of support... and you relate solely to the company. All other distributors are competitors to be viewed with a wary eye. Nothing could be more different about a Worldprofit dealership. This difference stems in large measure from the nature of the Internet itself.

The Internet is the premier alliance building mechanism in the world today. Starting small, you can, by creative alliances with other website property owners, steadily build a huge, lucrative enterprise. Consider each website owner in the world not only owns a property. That property also has a traffic stream. That traffic stream is of the utmost importance. Tapping into a traffic stream -- particularly with a scintillating client-centered offer -- enables you to direct a portion of the traffic at that website to your website, thereby increasing your traffic stream and the value of your property. Always remember, on the Internet traffic = power and profit. Thus, the more alliances you are able to build with other website owners, always tapping into their traffic, the bigger, stronger, and more profitable you, in your turn, become.

There Are Hundreds And Hundreds Of Worldprofit Dealers Who Collectively Generate Many Tens Of Millions Of Hits A Year... Your Job Is To Tap Into ALL This Traffic

Every single day smart people worldwide join the ranks of Worldprofit dealers. (For information on doing so, visit http://www.trafficcenter.com) No wonder. Worldprofit's dealer program enables people worldwide to tap into the power of the Internet and to build serious part-or full-time income. Given the vast numbers of people on the Internet now and the even vaster numbers who will sign up for it worldwide, it's no surprise that the Worldprofit Internet Services Dealer program is popular.

Less well understood is the role of dealer-dealer relationships. When you become a Worldprofit dealer, we actively encourage you to develop relationships with every single Worldprofit dealer/website owner. Doing so, develops your traffic and the value of your website with dramatic speed, thereby increasing your site's value and your own prosperity. Here are the steps you need to take to develop and profit from dealer-dealer relationships. Start by visiting http://www.worldprofit.com/dealers   Here you'll find a host of dealer materials developed especially for you. These materials, on many subjects, all have a common theme what you have to do to make money as a Worldprofit dealer. Don't just read these materials once, and by no means give them simply a quick once-over. The extent to which you study, understand, internalize and implement these ideas will in significant measure determine just how successful you are as a Worldprofit Dealer.

Pay particular attention to the Worldprofit "Dealer Swap" Area at http://www.worldprofit.com/dealers   This area exists so you can easily connect with all active, get-ahead Worldprofit dealers and make continuing deals with them. Read through this section and get an idea of what other people are offering. Remember, you must both post in this section... and respond to postings for maximum value.

Once you've reviewed the Dealers Swap Area, it's time to get supremely organized to take advantage of it.

1) Brainstorm what you've got to trade. When you have a domain, from the smallest right up to the complete model web "show home", you have what I like to call "trade goods." They come with the property. These goods can include

  • websites
  • links
  • banner ads
  • featured ads
  • ezine ads, etc.

#1, it's vital that you know what you've got to trade. And #2, you need to understand that hoarding your "trade goods" never makes you any money. Using them is what makes you money, not "saving" them!  The key to making deals with "trade goods" like links and banner ads is to make sure that you get the most swap (or monetary) value for them. .. and absolutely to provide each swap (or sale) with a definite expiration date. (This is where the Mall Management System you get with the model web "show home" is absolutely invaluable. With a regular domain you must keep track of every trade or transaction personally; the more you do, the bigger and more time-consuming the administrative job. When you have a Mall Management System, by comparison, all this, including sending the expiration and renewal notices, is done AUTOMATICALLY. For further information on the Mall Management System, see http://www.trafficcenter.com)

2) Once you've brainstormed your inventory, develop the ads you want to use. Don't approach another Worldprofit dealer or ezine publisher until you've got your ads ready to go.

You'll need

i) banner ads. (You can always use the stock banners developed by Worldprofit for your use and found at http://www.worldprofit.com/dealers)

ii) featured ads. (These tend to be 25 words in length and go on the main menus of individual malls.)

iii) ezine ads. (These are used in e-mail newsletters. You should have two or three 25-word ads and two or three 50 word ads ready for immediate use.)

iv) websites. (Develop a one-page website you can swap with other dealers and domain owners. Remember, domain owners always have tons of undeveloped space. You might as well get access to it in return for swapping some of your own unused space!)

v) links. (25 words is a good length for a link. Use the language from your ezine ads.)

Note if you need inspiration for your ad copy, see "Marketing Hot Tips".

As a Worldprofit dealer, you have my permission to use any of the ads from my newsletter that I've created, the ones that end in mailto:drjlant@worldprofit.com , for instance. Use or adapt the language, making sure to include your e-mail address and URL in place of mine.

Once you've developed the various formats so they're ready-to-use, be sure to have them readily available online. Remember, you're going to be making LOTS of swap deals; so be prepared!

3) Create a letter template indicating what you've got to swap and the fact that you're ready, willing, and able to trade websites, featured ads, links, etc. at your website. Remember, you're going to be making LOTS of deals, so create a convenient template whenever you can to expedite the swap process. In this letter, accentuate the positive. As your traffic  grows, be sure to include information about the hits you're getting. You'll know exactly if you have one of Worldprofit's statistical programs   operating on your site. You get one automatically as part of your "model home." (For further details, visit http://www.trafficcenter.com )

4) Now go out and start identifying Worldprofit dealers to swap with. You should already know where to go http://www.worldprofit.com/dealers Go right through the list, clicking on every single dealer. Send each dealer your proposition for a swap. In the real world, you could send letters like these and a large percentage of them would probably go unanswered, even though swaps are to every website owner's benefit. (A swap is always better than having undeveloped cyberspace available.) However, I've made it plain that I expect and have requested all Worldprofit dealers to promptly answer and work with all other Worldprofit dealers. This is a condition of being a Worldprofit dealer engaging in the utmost professional behavior with other dealers. Thus, if you should find any dealer unresponsive and uncooperative, mailto:drjlant@worldprofit.com   and you can be sure I'll find out why. This kind of mutually helpful dealer conduct isn't just good manners; it's both good business, and the Worldprofit way!

5) Once you've been through the list, contacting EVERY SINGLE DEALER, making one deal after another, it's time for you to post yourself. Keep in mind that this is a "swap center." Dealers can and should add as many notices, as often as they like. You should, in fact, post whenever you want to make a deal and whenever you've got a good deal to make. This means coming back often, not merely posting once. In fact, once you've been through the entire list once, I'd suggest returning at least once a week, to keep up on what's happening, to contact the new dealers, and to review the new offers of veteran dealers who know the ropes.

Ezine Ad Swaps

Once you've finished your initial round of dealer contacts (and, remember, there are HUNDREDS of Worldprofit dealers for you to connect with, and more every single day), it's time to use these same methods to build your ezine subscription list.

To use these methods you must have your own e-mail newsletter, or ezine. For information on how to create one, go to http://www.worldprofit.com/surefire/eldorado.htm   There's a chapter of my book "E-Mail El Dorado" that specifically deals with this subject.

There are literally hundreds of ezines to swap with. Here are some good places to find them

  1. http://www.worldprofit.com/dealers   Yes, you'll find both specific ezine lists and ezine listings as part of dealer posts.

  2. http://www.cashconnection.com/publisherssite.htm   Charles Carboneau maintains a Publishers Swap list at his CashConnection Mall at http://www.cashconnection.com While you're there, be sure to subscribe your ezine to the list.

  3. Get the list of over 400 ezines maintained by Gary Christensen. Mailto:new@yoken.com . To get your ezine listed on this list, mailto:gapach97@aol.com  Your listing cannot be more than 72 characters. Here's mine to give you an example "Marketing Hot Tips" to subscribe mailto:drjlant@worldprofit.com

  4. Both review and add yourself to the ezine list maintained by John Labovitz at http://www.meer.net/~johnl/e-zine-list/

Go through the list and find the publications that look like they appeal to the same kinds of people you want to attract. Then write a brief note offering to swap ads. Include a 25-50 word ad. Ask the publisher to e-mail you an ad that can run in your next issue; indicate when that transmits. Be sure that the publisher gets a copy of the issue with his ad. And as soon as it runs, indicate that you're interested in another swap. And so on, building your subscription list (and the number of your prospects) each time you make a swap. Remember, your ezine can be as many as 7 pages long before some ISPs (like America Online) turn it into an attached file. So, it's in your interest to use the space, rather than waste it. When you're transmitting your ezine on a Worldprofit listserver, it doesn't cost you any more or take you any longer to transmit 7 pages, than 1. (For details on getting a listserver, go to http://www.trafficcenter.com ) Remember, every time you swap an ad, you're building your subscription list, building your website traffic, building the number of prospects to sell Worldprofit Internet Services and everything else you sell. So, get to it!

Do These Things Daily, Increase Your Traffic And Property Value DAILY!

Regularly, I'll get an e-mail from a dealer who has made a couple of swap deals and perhaps exchanged a couple of ezine ads and now wants a pat on the head. But I'm not interested in what you've done today so much as the routine you've developed for building your traffic and property value EVERY DAY.

At Worldprofit we are unrelenting marketers. We never sit on our laurels. That's a good way to get flattened laurels! We build the traffic every day. Make deals every day! Run swap ads every day! That's why in four short years we've gone from zero traffic to over 36,000,000 hits a year. And we're not remotely satisfied yet, either!

As a Worldprofit dealer you're ideally situated to grow with us. Not only will you benefit from the traffic growth of the Worldprofit Malls and Traffic Center. You'll also benefit both from the growing number of Worldprofit dealers... and from the fact that these dealers, by following steps like those outlined above, are growing their traffic more and more every single day. As such, you are bound to be significantly better off the more you systematically implement these necessary steps. Start doing them TODAY!

***** About The Author

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